Wineries on 4th

Our winery and tasting room is a terracotta roofed building in the burgeoning Brewery and Winery District in downtown Reno. After our growing season and harvest, this is where everything happens! Our fruit is crushed and the wines vinted, cellared, bottled and sold all on premise. We are the only ones handling our wines from budbreak to glass. Our tasting room is the only place Basin and Range wines are sold.

We have an exciting model for the tasting room that people are going to like. Wineries on 4th is a collection of three separate wineries that share the winemaking space and tasting room. Basin and Range, Nevada Sunset and Great Basin all have separate ownership but came together with the idea that, since Northern Nevada doesn’t have a plethora of wineries to visit, we could offer three different winemakers’ bottlings in the same location! The more the merrier, right? All three wineries get fruit from different locations and have different winemakers and stylistic approaches. Packing all of this into one tasting room means that there’s a lot of variety and plenty of wines to come try!